Angelina And Brad Hook Up In Morocco

May 5th, 2005 // 9 Comments

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt cannot stay apart from each other. They’ve hooked up in Morocco. This is where Brad Pitt is filming his latest Babel. After having one drink at the celebratory party the cast and crew was having for the start of filming, Brad left to head back to his hotel where Ms. Jolie was waiting for him.

People magazine reports that, after wrapping up humanitarian visits to Ethiopia and South Africa, Pitt flew to London. There, he and Jolie boarded a private jet to Morocco. Befitting their status as the most-hunted game in Africa, the couple was transported to Pitt’s hotel in a three-vehicle convoy.

Their reunion was brief. Replenished with love, Jolie left the next morning.

Apparently, no animals died during this round of love making.

Jolie makes a Pitt stop in Morocco [R&M]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jay

    Ain’t love grand!!! I vote them the couple of the century. When you are hot, you’re hot, so go ahead and sieze the day. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Make this the best years of your life. One day you will have fond memories to look back on. Life is so short. Enjoy each day to the fullest. Your love encourages us all. Good luck Brad and Angelina.

  2. kelly

    I agree, I think they are the mega superstar couple. Thats why there are soo many haters (Jennifer Aniston’s fans). Let this couple be and leave them alone!!! They are sooo freaking hottttt!!!

  3. cathy

    ange and brad are soo hottt together…Please please please let them make more films together

  4. candi

    i think every one out there that see’s angelina as a “man eater” or “homewreceker” should be ashamed of themselves! She is NO DOUBT the most gorgeous woman in the world and what man would not fall for her? I think Jenifer suporters should wake up and smell the roses BRAD and “JEN” are over, they obviuosly broke up for a reason so stop looking for the reason and let brad and angie be! GOD they are both voted the most sexiest people alive how could they not fall for echother! GO ANGIE AND BRAD I’M ON YOUR TEAM!!!!!

  5. Donnita

    Brad and Angelina are very much kindred spirits. You can tell they are in love and are trying to protect one another from all the haters out there. Angelina has admitted that having a son has changed her and its obvious that its made her a loving and giving person, and Brad saw that in her. Her deep maternal instincts and wanting to give more to all unfortunate children all over the world has softened her. I hope they adopt and have those seven kids that Brad wants so much.

  6. kristina

    i think its great that angelina met up with him. i think everyone calling her a homewrecker or a slut is just jealous, and youre taking brad and jens divorce too personally. its great that brad and angelina connect of matters that mean more to them [humanitarium work & their love for children]
    i support their relationship.

  7. el

    i think people need 2 wake up and realize angelina is a man eater
    why should them 2 be able to have fun after the mess they caused jen
    they were having an affair and they deserve all the crap they get, they could of waited awhile atleast before acting so in love
    n they do not look hot 2gether ppl cant u see
    all i see is a bigheaded brad pitt and a man eater angelina jolie. I aint no fan of any of them but i think it is unfair the way they acted!why should people be ashamed of calling angelina a homewrecker or a man eater because we all have different opinions and in my eyes that what she is and many people agree. i hope they break up it would serve them both right!

  8. Bevin

    OMG! yes they should marry, the sooner they marry the sooner they divorce and we can stop hearing about angelina taking someones man AGAIN, & how brad fell for his co-star AGAIN. i think it is unfortunate for ange, that guys like the idea of her and after they have her for a while they drop her ass. but she’ll be ok…she’ll probably just adopt more kids to fill the void in her life.

  9. Michelle

    I think they should make it official. I love that they are doing what they want, come what may. Instead of whining in the press, Angelina just keeps on doing what she’s been doing–shedding light on important issues, working and loving her family (Brad included).

    Brad and Jen’s marriage was in all kinds of trouble before he even set foot on the set of “Mr & Mrs Smith.” Some of the same folks in the media who are calling Angie a “homewrecker” reported on the troubles Brad and Jen were having and how they were growing apart. How soon we forget?

    I wish them and their expanding family the best!

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