Angelina Jolie Visited By The Twins On The Set Of ‘Maleficent’ [PHOTOS]

Angelina Jolie
Jolie at the 2011 Toronto International Film Fest.
Take a large brown fur cape, devilish goat-like horns, and red divine lipstick and what do you have? MaleficentAngelina Jolie is the lead female actress in a new film directed by Robert Stromberg called Maleficent. The film is set to interpret the original Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty from princess Aurora’s nemesis perspective.

Jolie’s children, Knox and Vivienne visited while she was still in character on the set in Buckinghamshire, England today. Jolie’s kids appear unphased by the star’s villain costume for the character.

Jolie is stepping out of her usual roles and for the first time, immerses herself as a villain character. In a recent interview with EW Jolie reflects on her characters role and how it will impact the way we think of the original tale “It sounds really crazy to say that there will be something that’s good for young girls in this, because it sounds like you’re saying they should be a villain. [Maleficent] is actually a great person. But she’s not perfect. She’s far from perfect.” said Jolie.

The film is expected for release on Mar 14, 2014.

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