Angelina Jolie Takes The Jolie-Pitt Brood To Enjoy Some Theater In Sydney

Brad Pitt & The Twins
Brad took the twins to Legoland in England.
It’s always a good time when we spot the Jolie-Pitt family out and about.

And it’s funny cause it comes in waves. Like, we won’t see them for months at a time, then spot everyday for a few weeks. Currently, we’re in the latter phase. After renting a yacht and enjoying some family time on that, Angelina Jolie was spotted in Sydney this weekend taking 5 out of her 6 kids to see The Lion King.

Maddox apparently didn’t feel like showing up, now that he’s made his red carpet debut and all

As always, Zahara had the cutest outfit of all the kids. She is such a put together little girl. Also, I can’t get over how much Shiloh and Knoxlook like twins. They’re sorta the same size and even have the same haircut. I wonder if they share clothes?

You know what would have made this outing even better? A visit from short-haired Brad Pitt. Man he’s super hot again. Well, if history is any indicator, we should have all the Jolie-Pitts back together in no time.

Side note: thank goodness Angelina didn’t wear this shirt to The Lion King. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Hollywood’s most famous family. We can call them that, right? I mean, they are.