Angelina Jolie Takes Her Kids To The Movies, Is Being Sued Over New Film [PHOTOS]

December 3rd, 2011 // 4 Comments

Angelina Jolie took Pax, Zahara and Shiloh to a movie tonight (December 3rd) in New York City, where they were greeted by hoards of photographers.  Jolie came prepared with sunglasses to shield her eyes against the flashing bulbs, but it the kids didn’t get the memo.

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Pax zipped up his shark hoodie, which wasn’t enough protection since he still put his hands over his eyes.  At one point, Jolie was seen saying something to him, probably “grin and bear it.”  Shiloh pointed to the paparazzi, and I’m not sure if she wanted to scold them or grab their cameras.  She’s got spunk.  I like that.

Jolie is being sued by Croatian journalist James J. Braddock, according to Us Weekly, over her new film, In The Land Of Bloody And Honey.  Court documents reveal that Braddock claims Jolie stole information from his 2007 article to use as her plotline in the Bosnia war-based flick, which she directed and wrote.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. blockheadbitch

    it’s about time the truth about this crazy ruthless bitch comes out ..
    biggest con of our time ..

  2. Whatever

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up hater. This lawsuit is rather weak. Angelina Jolie’s lawyers will eat this guy alive. Pity, people like YOU can’t see past your hate for this woman and use logic once in a while. In Hollywood the same plot lines are used over and over in movies.

  3. Maeve

    LOL!! How do you “copyright” war or concentration camps? And since when does Angie read Croatian?

    Braddock has been trying to extort money from AJ and the producers for months and now he has found some low-lifer attorneys to help. One of them was suspended by the tsta authorities for a time and works for Rupert Murdoch and the lairs at FOX News..

  4. Angelina Jolie Black Out Aviators Children Movie Theater New York City
    j y
    Commented on this photo:

    Never posted before on anything but this picture hit me hard. Look at these children–it’s unsettling. Can we PLEASE go back to when public figures may be considered fair game to some degree, however, the children are off-limits?! No child should have to deal with the media madness that surrounds celebrities like this. Think about it–they are stalked, harassed, and don’t have a free moment to just be a kid (or a family) simply because their parent(s) are successful at what they do. Using your kid(s) to get more publicity to further your career is one thing. These kids stepping outside their home to go anywhere and getting this level of what looks like unsettling attention..simply another. This is just not ok!

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