Angelina Jolie Takes Her Kids To The Movies, Is Being Sued Over New Film [PHOTOS]

Angelina Jolie took Pax, Zahara and Shiloh to a movie tonight (December 3rd) in New York City, where they were greeted by hoards of photographers.  Jolie came prepared with sunglasses to shield her eyes against the flashing bulbs, but it the kids didn’t get the memo.

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Pax zipped up his shark hoodie, which wasn’t enough protection since he still put his hands over his eyes.  At one point, Jolie was seen saying something to him, probably “grin and bear it.”  Shiloh pointed to the paparazzi, and I’m not sure if she wanted to scold them or grab their cameras.  She’s got spunk.  I like that.

Jolie is being sued by Croatian journalist James J. Braddock, according to Us Weekly, over her new film, In The Land Of Bloody And Honey.  Court documents reveal that Braddock claims Jolie stole information from his 2007 article to use as her plotline in the Bosnia war-based flick, which she directed and wrote.