Angelina Jolie Hates Thanksgiving

November 24th, 2010 // 7 Comments

It seems that Angelina Jolie is having no part of Thanksgiving and hates the holiday because of it’s bloody history. A friend of hers told Popeater, “She wants no part in rewriting history like so many other Americans. To celebrate what the white settlers did to the native Indians, the domination of one culture over another, just isn’t her style. She definitely doesn’t want to teach her multi-cultural family how to celebrate a story of murder.”

Oh heavens. Angelina, get off the cross – we need the wood. To cook our turkeys and green bean casserole. I’m sure this is another thing that Brad Pitt just rolls his eyes about for the trade in that he wakes up next to her nearly every morning.

Rumors are that she’s so put off by the day that she insisted the family stay abroad for the holiday – however, I’m sure it’s just easier for her filming schedule.

By Justin Thompson

  1. daws

    Why would you chastise someone for being compassionate about something like that? So what if she doesn’t want to have Thanksgiving. It’s her business. I wouldn’t honor X-Mas if it wasn’t for the gifts. Jesus’ birthday my ass.

  2. Jennifer B

    Compassionate my ass. She is a home wrecker trying to improve her image. STFU Angelina – and you too Brad. We don’t care what you have to say.

  3. Ann

    While I agree with Her Supreme Holiness, it’s really the writing of this post that I wanted to comment on:

    “Oh heavens. Angelina, get off the cross – we need the wood!”

    Love it.

  4. Adam

    I love it! She had made her livelihood via movies that glorify violence. I don’t care what she thinks.

  5. This, from a woman who for some time wore vials of blood around her neck, no?

  6. Melissa

    She’s right, really. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving for the whole “pilgrims sharing a feast with Natives” crap because it’s totally stupid. I celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday to be thankful for my family, friends, and to have a good meal with them. I don’t connect with the whole pilgrim crap. It’s just like Columbus Day, in that it’s a totally pointless “Holiday”, except at least Thanksgiving can be rewritten to just be to Give Thanks for our freedoms, our family, our friends, our health, etc.

  7. Robert M.

    She’s right though. Good for her for standing up for what she believes in.

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