Angelina Jolie Enjoys A Girls Day Out With Shiloh & Vivienne As They Do Some Arts & Crafts

Angelina & The Kids
Angelina Jolie takes Pax & Zahara to Urban Outfitters.
Looks like Angelina Jolie and her kids are making the most of everything Australia has to offer. And this weekend, Australia was really into arts and crafts.

Angie picked two of her kids for an outing this weekend–we still don’t know how these picks are made, but it happens. This weekend it was Shiloh and Vivienne. Like, why Shiloh and Vivienne? Why not Shiloh and Zahara, which is what Brad did that one time?

We may never know their logic, but at least we get to appreciate them being out and about. 

I love how different Shiloh and Vivienne are from each other. Shiloh’s got her t-shirt and baseball cap, while Vivienne is all cute and girly in her dress. Although I would have preferred ballet flats and not sandals. I cannot wait until Brad joins the whole family in Australia. Have you seen him recently? He cut his hair and looks really hot again.

Check out all the photos of Angelina and her girls in the gallery. For readers with more than 4 kids, how do you guys pick which kids get to do which activities? Is it a who gets along best, who has been the nicest, who needs to quality time–someone help me understand! Please.