Angelina Jolie Goes Diplomatic With Trip To Croatia

Angelina Jolie loves traveling the world. Especially when it involves being the center of attention in a country because of how awesome she is. Well, that’s more or less what happened when Angelina visited Croatia. Angie was invited to the country by actor Rade Serbedzija but didn’t just do the celeb scene. Nope. She was all cool and hung out with the Croatian president. MailOnline reports the pair talked about the land mine problems but you know the president was more interested in what really went down between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Angelina really did tone it down though for the presidental visit. No children hanging off of her, no absurdly large LV bag. Just a simple black dress and a clear lack of powder. I see you shiny face. I must say, I am impressed that she cares about all this stuff like landmines. If it wasn’t for her, then who would care and help?

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Angie and the fam have been enjoying some time in Scotland while Brad films World War Z. She even got to ride on a private train courtesy of her man. Bet she didn’t get a private train in Croatia. She did however yet to see a performance of King Lear which is pretty sweet.

Also, she went on the trip with Maddox. How adorable is that? Do you think that Maddox is her favorite child because he was her first? Like, she adopted him even before Brad. What do you guys think of Angie the diplomat? Think she can bring world peace by giving leaders a smoulder? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.