Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Hit The Movies And McDonalds With Their Brood [PHOTOS]

March 5th, 2012 // 6 Comments

Angelina Jolie took Shiloh and Vivienne to a showing of The Secret World of Arrietty on Saturday (March 3rd), making sure to shield herself and the girls from prying eyes.

That morning, Jolie and partner Brad Pitt packed everyone into their SUV for a morning trip to McDonalds, where they ordered a bunch of food at the drive-through.

Critics keep talking about Jolie’s gaunt appearance at the 84th Annual Academy Awards last Sunday (February 26th), when she stuck her right leg out of her Atelier Versace dress.  Get over it, people.  She’s really thin, and she doesn’t seem to care what you say or think.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Jen

    Viveinne is so god awful ugly she looks like a troll. Poor child.

  2. nessa

    wow, you two (child) haters must be so insecure about yourselves to bully toddlers. i’m sure karma will bite your asses and bless you with kids who are retards and society won’t be too nice to them. good luck.

    • ann

      Now you have made everything right in the world by wishing mental retardation on someone else’s children. Pot meet kettle.

  3. Matheus

    credit: k1eo in jjb.yukuhere is another one. There is a big ivenrtiew which happened in Cancun. So i will try to find something interesting and post. Author describing how kiddies had fun in the pool the ivenrtiew, translated by k1eo We had unique possibility to communicate with children of the most powerful pair in the world and to be convinced that, despite numerous hearings and gossips, this pair perfectly consults with the parental duties — Jolie’s and Pitt’s children are charming, well behaved, also not spoilt by anything (in good sense of a word) do not differ from the contemporaries. In pool of hotel they swam, dived, moved down from a hill in water, floundered about on shoal and overturned upside down huge inflatable mattresses. Throughout several hours squeal, neither shouts, nor whimsical moaning. One nanny and the three elderly men-security guards more likely reminding kind uncles, decided to gambol together with nephews, — on these checked up people the actress has left children while has been occupied by work. Atmosphere of love and genuine tenderness has pleasantly amazed — it was obvious that children are on friendly terms with those who urged to preserve them from, alas, too a considerable quantity curious, and feel in their society absolutely comfortably. After pool children amicably (and it is independent) were wiped by towels and have gone on a beach — to start up kites. Further all has departed and the bright peacock has long held on in the sky — it Shiloh operated, for as has received a burst of applause from the brothers and the little sister. Shiloh was dressed in boys bathing pants and a vest, unlike elegant Zahara in a short skirt and a bathing suit. In general to observe of them it was improbably cheerful and pleasant, and only the planned meeting with their well-known mother has forced to interrupt this pleasure. Now nobody can convince us that Angelina did not know what she did, when decided to got such a big family. If the woman is ready to motherhood, not important, how many children she will have, and it is not important, whether biological they or adopted. It’s her words.

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