Angelina Jolie And Gwen Stefani Hold A Famous Playdate [PHOTOS]

I have never seen so many famous children pour out of a doorway.  Angelina Jolie led Shiloh, Vivienne, Knox and Zahara out of Gwen Stefani’s North London home while papa Brad Pitt was still on the UK set of World War Z.  As they did so, Kingston Rossdale played host by escorting them down the stairs and heckling the papparazzi.  Gwen appeared a bit winded by so many children, but Angelina took it in stride because she’s used to running sh*t with eleven millino children running around.

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I think my favorite picture is of Kingston and Shiloh peeking out the window.  And is it me, or did the kids get into makeup?  Don’t touch the white drapes with those grubby hands, you little mulligans!  Vivienne looks ready for her close-up.

Now the real question is: Are Stefani and Jolie even friends?