Angelina Covers ‘Newsweek,’ Does Press For ‘In The Land Of Blood And Honey’

Angelina Jolie, clad in a white suit, was out doing press for her new movie, In The Land Of Blood And Honey (she even brought Brad Pitt’s mom, Jane along).

Jolie covers this week’s issue of NewsWeek, saying that she let her curiosity guide her.  “I listened to my cast, most of whom lived through the war. I listened to their stories and tried to incorporate it into the work,” Jolie explained, according to the Huffington Post.

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“The people felt as though the world had forgotten them,” Jolie said of the flick, which she wrote and directed.  “It was a time of great pain, and I wanted to depict how courageous people were — without offending anyone.”  The film takes place during the Yugoslav Wars, and Jolie is even facing a lawsuit brought on by a Croatian journalist who claims that Jolie stole his published piece.

Check out the trailer after the jump.