Andy Roddick Cries “Tsunami Relief”

Andy Roddick’s fashion snafu led to a not so classy lie.

Tennis star Andy Roddick is being kept on a short leash by Reebok. He can’t be caught on camera wearing anything but Reebok sportswear – or he risks losing his contract. But Thursday night, Roddick wore a Lacoste shirt to the Ocean Drive Nasdaq-100 party on exclusive Fisher Island, not realizing that there would be TV cameras. Poor Roddick “freaked out and hid” said a witness. He “demanded a black piece of tape [to hide the Lacoste logo]… but they could only find a band-aid. So he walked the red carpet with the band-aid on his shirt, and told all the reporters that it was to show his support to tsunami Relief.”

I’m tsunami relief, why not just say it’s for Terri Schiavo as well.

Roddick Cover Up [Elisa]

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