Andy Bowling Responds

We suddenly love Andy Bowling. We no longer think of him as sad, pathetic and crying for help.

“When trying to describe Andy Bowling…”
you dont know me, never met me- how could you possibly describe me?
oh, by looking at a photo…
why dont you send me YOUR picture so i can try and describe you in 5 words or less.
are you hot? cool looking? are you scene?
curiously- what about the images you’ve seen make me look sad? pathetic?
heh, crying for help? in your professional opinion of course.
i understand your goal is to attract mono-syllabic morons to read your weak leads,
but is being a dick just part of your shtick or are you really that shallow?
i know your readers are, but then most of america has proven over and over again to be that shallow.
it’s called irony since you so blatantly missed it.
think of how boring this all would have been if i’d have been content to let idiots remain idiots.
andy b

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