Andy Murray Shows Off His Shirtless Bod In The Perfect James Bond Moment [PHOTOS]

Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate tennis star Andy Murray’s rockin’ bod.

Are you appreciating? Good. The shirtless hottie was spotted in Florida yesterday (March 31) celebrating his Sony Open Tennis Tournament win with a good old dip in the ocean.

Guys! The way he’s coming out of the water like that is very, very Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. If you don’t believe me just check out the gallery above. There’s just one tiny difference. Can anyone guess what that is? 

Sadly our boy Andy here isn’t quite as tan as Mr. Craig. Looks like that Florida farmers tan is a real thing and poor Andy is the victim. Lucky for him his whole upper body is still quite sexy, so we’re willing to forgive the paleness. Now he just needs to do some shirtless running, get tighter swim trunks and we’re all good!

Where does Andy rate on your list of favorite tennis studs? Going merely on hotness and not performance–because that’s just what we do here–I gotta say he is pretty high up there! Check out all the photos of shirtless Andy going James Bond in the gallery and let us know what you think!