Andy, Matthew and Joey Lawrence Are Reuniting For A New Project [Flashback]

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The Lawrence brothers are together again, and the world better brace itself for the musical explosion that is about to follow!

Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence had successful careers in television and film in the ‘80s and ‘90s, both individually (Blossom, Boy Meets World, Recess) and together (Brotherly Love, Horse Sense), but the 2000s have seen far less than the recommended dose of Lawrence ‘Bortherly Love.’

Joey Lawrence is currently starring opposite Melissa Joan Hart in the ABC Family comedy, Melissa & Joey - and at 38-years-old he rocks the tight shirt and tight jeans wardrobe of Joe Longo. However, younger brothers Matthew and Andrew have lead quiet lives over the past decade, with just a handful of guest appearances, including on alongside Joey on Melissa & Joey.

Well hold on tight, because we are about to see (and hear) more from all three brothers!

The brothers sat down for an interview with Home & Famiy in late May to discuss their recent reunion on the set of Melissa & Joey, and causally confirmed that they are working on a musical project together -for the first time ever! Not only did they promise a single by the end of the year, but they also confirmed they are working on getting together for another show, which Joey assured fans would be “for the future, after Melissa & Joey.” The promise of music and a show, what could be better?

Now, we know the guys have acting chops, but can they handle music?

Although the Lawrence brother musical colloboration is new, all three brothers have dabbled with music in their professional and personal lives, and are all talented musicians in their own right.

In 1993, Joey released his debut album, Joey Lawrence. The album sparked an international hit, “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix” which peaked at 19 on The Hot 100, pretty impressive for a song Joey co-wrote. He later made his Broadway debut as Billy Flynn in a 2007 run of Chicago.

Middle brother Matthew has not released an album or starred on Broadway, but he had a few musical moments on television shows, including a rock-worthy performance as a 6-year-old on Gimme a Break. Additionally, Joey and Andy confessed on Home & Family that Matthew has the best voice out of three brothers.

Meanwhile, youngest brother Andy showed off his ability to jam on drums and guitar in the 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie Going to the Mat, when he played a musically gifted high school student Jace.

The brothers are now at work on the promised album and took to social media in July to tease fans with pictures of them together in the studio.

Launch the gallery for a look at the guys in the studio, and check out some of our favorite pictures of the guys over the last couple years.