Andy Cohen’s Dog Is Going For His Crotch With No Remorse

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Looks like Andy Cohen’s dog is going for the gold in crotch grabbing. And I’m pretty sure he’ll get it.

Andy and his adorable dog Wacha were spotted in New York City today enjoying a walk when Wacha decided that he had something else he needed to do.

Maybe it’s just cause I’m not that big of a dog person, but what is it with dogs and crotches? I swear, every dog I’ve ever met just runs there. Is there a reason for it? 

Or is it just because dogs are silly? Either way, it’s never not entertaining when they do this. I love how Andy is like, “Wacha! Stop it!” So so far we’ve caught Andy with a dog in his crotch and a finger up his nose. He is slowly becoming my favorite New York City walker.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the father/dog outing. Are you as amused by it as I am? Man I hope so. And if someone could explain the dog/crotch thing to me, that’d be swell. I would Google it, but you guys are so much more fun.