Andy Cohen to Pen Pop Culture Memoir

Andy Cohen, seen here May 16 at The Late Show with David Letterman, announced yesterday on his Bravo! blog that he’s signed a deal to write a tell-all memoir about his experiences in pop culture. The Executive Vice President and Watch What Happens Live host has come a long way since fitting Ms. Charlotte York for shoes in Sex & The City!

Some of you might remember that, some of you might not, but the fact still remains that Cohen has come a long way since his hay day growing up in St. Louis.

“I love to write and I’m thrilled that I get to share stories of my improbable intersections with pop culture that have enriched my life,” Cohen said in a statement, according to AOL TV.

Apparently Henry Holt & Co. caught the Real Housewives of New York Part 1, 90-minute reunion where Cohen told the old biddies to STFU and appreciated his candid honesty.

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“What nobody knows as of yet, is that Andy is also a very seductive and compelling writer with a story to tell that will charm, shock and engage readers with its candor, honesty and wit. Andy is as irresistible on the page as he is on screen,” said Stephen Rubin, Holt’s President and publisher in a statement.

Cohen began writing the book this week the completed memoir is expected out next summer. In addition, the “marketing genius” is soliciting suggestions from fans to help him decide on the memoir’s title!

Speaking of suggestions, let’s hope Cohen and Bravo! TV take Neil Patrick Harris’ cast revamp suggestion!