Andy Cohen Looks Buff On The Beach In Miami, Has A New Bestie, & Talks Having Hate Sex

How Sweet!
Did you know that Andy Cohen can officiate weddings?
How lovely it would be to accompany Andy Cohen on the beach in Miami. He appears to be enjoying having a swim and strutting his stuff on the sand.

Over the past few days, the fabulous television host has been quite the jetsetter.

Just two days ago he was in Montana with someone who appears to be his new best friend. 

Do you know who it is yet? No? None other than Katy Perry’s ex, John Mayer. The two cozied up to each other over coffee, wearing matching flannel. Let’s call them Jandy Coyer. I mean, if he plays his cards right Mayer will probably have his own show on Bravo.

When speaking about stars he would sleep with, or not sleep with, Cohen shared that he has taken interest in Juan Pablo Galavis; only not in the way you would think.

He stated very simply, “I’d maybe do it so I could hate f–k him”, later referring to the Bachelor star as a douchebag…twice.

Check out our gallery of the hilarious man enjoying his time on the beach, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!