Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha & The Cast Of ‘The New Normal’ Hit PaleyFest, Talk Spoilers & Civil Rights

Matt Bomer's Hot Bod!
Matt goes shirtless on 'The New Normal'.
Hey The New Normal fans! This one is for you!

The cast and crew of the hit NBC show were on hand last night at PaleyFest to talk about everything from John Stamos’ character coming back to how shows like The New Normal have helped move forward positive discussions about gay marriage.

John Stamos was the host of the panel that included cast members Andrew Rannells, Justin BarthaNeNe Leakes, Jayson Blair, Georgia King and Bebe Wood. Bebe, who plays cutie Shania on the show, even did some of her awesome impressions. It’s good Andrew had told her to “watch drag queens doing Cher.” So what did we learn about the upcoming season? 

Well! You can expect marriage and a baby! But not in the way you might expect. Sadly, that was all we heard on that front. Show creator Ryan Murphy did reveal that John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy” will be used for a no dialogue section of an upcoming episode. With Yoko Ono’s permission and everything!

Ryan also discussed the impact shows like his have had in overturning gay marriage bans, like California’s Prop 8. At a recent meeting with two top lawyers he asked why they were so confident in an overturn. “What moved the bar in only 4 years? Without missing a beat, they both said, ‘Television.’ With shows like The New Normal and Modern Family and Glee, people feel that they know gay couples, they know gay people now more than ever.”

Well there you go folks! Are you looking forward to the rest of The New Normal’s season? What are you most excited about? Sound off in the comments!