Andrew Garfield Sports Some Colorful Pants As He Jets Back Into Los Angeles

Andrew Garfield in GIFS!
Clearly, the best way to enjoy him.
Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the cuteness that is Andrew Garfield?

The Amazing Spider-Man star was spotted arriving at Los Angeles International Airport today, looking cute in some burnt orange pants. You would call that burnt orange, right?

Here are a few things I love about this: 1) Thank Andrew didn’t shy away from fans and actually smiled and signed stuff. 2) That he even high-fived a tiny child wearing a Spider-Man sweater

And 3) That he wasn’t afraid to laugh with the paparazzi. If he and Emma Stone aren’t your favorite celebrity couple, then I don’t know who would be. (Actually, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtkaare an acceptable alternative).

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Andrew being adorable at LAX. It’s not even that I want to date Andrew, I just want to be best friends with him. Anyone else feel that?