Andrew Garfield Has Nothing But Words Of Love For Girlfriend Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield in GIFS!
Clearly, the best way to enjoy him.
Did you think we were done with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone cuteness? As if!

Even though the couple wasn’t even together today promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we still managed to get some major cuteness out of them. Well, out of Andrew at least.

Spider-Man himself headed to Good Morning America today where he gushed about his lady love. “I will write a book one day about how I feel about every aspect of Emily Stone,” he joked. Does everyone else love that he calls her Emily? 

He continued, “She’s a full genius, or she has found her genius and she’s doing it so beautifully. I think everyone who works with her, everyone who brushes shoulders with her or even makes eye contact with her gets a shot of sunshine.”

Are you “awwing”? Because I totally am. And what a ray of sunshine Ms. Stone was in her red, floral jacket today. Also, someone get me those Christian Louboutin heels, stat.

Check out Andrew’s full interview below–you will “aww”–then launch the gallery to see what Andrew and Emma were up to today. I know she’s only 25 which is still pretty young, but can they get married already? Please and thank you.

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