Andrew Garfield Goofs Off With Nylon Guys [PHOTOS]

Andrew Swings
Andrew Garfield films Spider Man.
Andrew Garfield can really be so fricking adorable. I love these photos.

The star of The Amaz­ing Spider-​​Man, covers the July issue of Nylon Guys. In the accompaying interview, Andrew talked about his career desires and personality.

“The exposure that’s going to come with [Spider-Man] doesn’t make me happy, and I’ve discovered that I do just want to be an actor – I don’t have any interest in being a movie star. I’m finding out where that distinction is.”

Andrew, who made his Broadway debut in the revival of Death Of A Salesman earlier this year, also revealed he is naturally very “introspective”.

The 28-year-old stated: “I’m working on it because sometimes it can tip over into too much, and it becomes debilitating. I’ve got a lot to think about right now because of my life changing because of the play, and this movie.”

So how does Andrew feel about the internet? 

“This is the problem with the Internet — we’re fucked. It’s fucked my generation. We’re all public now, everyone lives in public, even, like, 10-year-old girls getting bullied, getting called fat on YouTube. Gay boys committing suicide on college campuses. We’re all fucked. The Internet is a great platform for anonymous cruelty, and it allows us to express and exercise very dark impulses.”

Well put Mr. Garfield.