Andrew Garfield Explains His Ryan Gosling “Man Crush” [VIDEO]

Ryan Gosling
This star even makes bedhead look sexy.
Picture this if you will: Andrew Garfield and Ryan Gosling holding hands and running through the meadows. So, good right? That’s all I could imagine as Andrew described his man crush on Ryan Gosling to Jay Leno. Jay asked Andrew to clarify what “a proper man crush on Ryan Gosling” means.

Andrew’s reaction is adorable–“You’re making me blush.” You can check out a video of the interview after the jump. As Andrew put it, “He’s just a dreamboat. Its undebatable. He’s just stunning. Not only physically, but in terms of talent—a general sex appeal that he has.” Hey Andrew, I’m pretty sure all of that applies to you as well.

Too bad Jay didn’t ask Andrew the good stuff, like how he feels about girlfriend Emma Stone getting to make out with Ryan in not one, but two films. Andrew also showed off some great photos of himself and his brother dressed as Spider-Man when he was 2-years-old. It’s adorable. Don’t forget to check out the interview after the jump!