Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Get Cuddly, Don’t Have A Message For The Masses Today

No, no message today, just lots of cuteness reminding us why they’re one of our favorite celebrity couples.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone kept it casual in New York City today as they enjoyed the warm weather and picked up a few books. I bet their house is like an adorable, whimsical paradise. Right? Like their furniture doesn’t match, but it looks perfect just the same.

Also, I appreciate that Andrew’s hair is growing back. I know he cut it for an awesome reason, but this is better. 

Well, what’s next for the lovebirds? Well Emma’s got that movie where she probably hooks up with Colin Firth, then the other one with Michael Keaton being a bamf. Andrew will be playing a Jesuit Priest in a Scorsese film, then he’s got The Amazing Spider-Man 3. That press tour won’t be nearly as much fun as the last one.

So enjoy Andrew and Emma while you can. Where do they fall on your list of favorite celebrity couples? Launch the gallery to see more photos to help you decide, then let us know in the comments!