Andre 3000 Is An Illegal Speedracer

Outkast rapper Andre Benjamin, more familiarly known as Andre 3000, was pulled over by police for driving in excess of 100 mph. His 2007 Porsche Carrera was clocked at 109 mph in a 65-mph limit zone just outside Atlanta, for which he was arrested.

According to Henry County Police Captain Jason Bolton, such excessive speed on the Interstate 75 is “an accident waiting to happen.”

Knowing Dre, he probably had a flux capacitor in the back of the car so he could get back to Woodstock to chill with Jimi Hendrix, but now he’s stuck here. That one’s kind of whimsical.

Gallery Info: Andre 3000′s mugshot; and at the Barneys New York launch of Benjamin Bixby’s new collection.