Anderson Cooper’s B-Day Greetings From Kathy Griffin & Suze Orman

June 4th, 2009 // 7 Comments

OMG! I can’t get enough of these women! Unlike Anderson Cooper, who looked slightly embarrassed by their over-the-top birthday wishes from the award-winning Kathy Griffin and Suze Orman.

Lucky for Anderson, they stopped by to greet him, since the birthday boy had to get to bed early as he was getting up the next day at the crack of dawn to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly.

Um, just in case Kath and Suz are reading–my birthday is January 7. I’m giving you guys plenty of heads-up, so I expect something amazing.

Gallery Info: Anderson Cooper with Kelly Ripa at the Ultimate Hometown Grill Off on Live with Regis and Kelly.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. american dreamer

    This is exactly why I hate CNN: it tries turning its news journalists into celebrities and falls flat.

    What I especially hate is the commercials they keep pumping out of women salivating over images of Anderson Cooper on the screen as if he is some kind of Don Juan when in reality Anderson wouldn’t touch a woman with a ten foot pole.

    In fact Anderson’s twisted gay sexual fetishes are legendary in the darker corners of New York City’s gay community.

    Anderson makes Richard Quest (also of CNN who was recently arrested in Central Park for his gay shenanigans) look like Pollyanna.

  2. eb

    You’ve moved to commenting on this website now, American Dreamer? I remember you from Jossip where you lied blatantly and compulsively about Anderson Cooper. Maybe you should find a more constructive (and honest) hobby?

    Anderson is known in New York for dating guys out in public and having a gay love life that is ordinary for a good looking charming guy.

    Having a birthday surprise for someone has nothing to do with “turning them into a celebrity”. It should be noted that FOX, MSNBC, and network news promote the public profile of their people as much as CNN, and that public figures (be they politicians, MTV VJs or whatever) being “personalities” is just endemic to American culture. And in case you have somehow missed it, it’s a true fact that a lot of women find Anderson Cooper attractive and a lot of his viewers are female. Neither Anderson nor CNN ever imply that he finds women attractive.

  3. american dreamer

    I belong to the same gym as Anderson Cooper in New York City where I see him prowling the showers for anonymous (unsafe) sex on an almost daily basis.

    Anderson is so horny he doesn’t even take the boys home!! He takes care of business right in the gym!! He’s also notorious for prowling leather bars in the far west side of Chelsea late at night looking to fill a certain unsatiable need.

    He hit on me over and over but I always turned him down cause I was afraid I might catch something.

    Having sex with Anderson must be like taking a swim in the Gowanus Canal he is so promiscuous. Or a better analogy may be having sex with Anderson Cooper is like driving through the HOLLAND TUNNEL!!!

  4. eb

    That is a bunch of lies. All you do is lie, even about published news items that anyone in the world can check on. You have a really sick practice of playing up to hateful anti-gay images and cliches constantly. You also can never decide where you live, it changes with whatever story you’re telling. I cannot imagine a gay man who would be so self hating to act like you. You are a gay hater who probably doesn’t even live on the east coast.

  5. american dreamer


    You’re just jealous that Anderson Cooper is always hitting on me at David Barton Gym while he wouldn’t touch your massive cauliflower ass with a ten foot pole. You are obviously one of those butt ugly “trolls” who are always trying to buy me a drink at G or the Ritz or some other finer gay establishment where you don’t even belong.

    Nothing makes me angrier than a troll like you trying to communicate with an A-lister like me. Though I do sometimes wish I was a completely anonymous fool like you living your life in the shadows. Its hard always being the center of attention.

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