Anderson Cooper Inadvertently Outed By Charity Auction


Anderson Cooper got sold like a piece of steely gray-haired taut meat in a charity auction. To a guy. I’m wondering if this was totally uncomfortable since we’re all pretty sure he’s in the closet cause he wants to be there, and if it’s made Anderson hate charity for rubbing it in that he’s not out.

Anderson Cooper, one of New York’s most eligible men, appeals to both genders. When a lunch date with the CNN anchor went on the block at the Puck Building the other night at the benefit for Bailey House, which helps AIDS victims, British bachelor Oliver Hicks bid aggressively and won the date for $21,000. Hicks, who shuttles between New York and Los Angeles, runs production company North Six. “The invitation allows him to bring a companion, but I have a feeling he will go solo,” said one source. “Anderson is cute,” said Hicks.

21K? That’s it? “I have a feeling he will go solo.” Will he turn to Mr. Hicks and be like “Ok, here’s the deal. I’m not out, because CNN needs the hayseeds in the Midwest to keep tuning in. So I’ll spring for dinner and let you blow me. How’s that? But sign this first.”