Anderson Cooper Compared to Famous Slag

February 1st, 2007 // 2 Comments

Fox News is bagging on Anderson Cooper by comparing him to Paris Hilton . Ouchie. A recent magazine ad features Cooper from behind being photographed by the paps, and the copy reads “Meet the Paris Hilton of Television News”. Double ouchie. Once you get the moniker of cheesy in TV journalism, you’re kinda over. Compare Peter Jennings to Geraldo Rivera. CNN combats the marketing mischief via their spokesbitch:

A CNN flack called Fox’s ad an “act of desperation because Greta’s audience has been eroding and ‘Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees’ is getting closer. This is a sign they are starting to panic.” The rep also denied CNN had spent tens of millions to hype Cooper, but wouldn’t say what it has doled out.

At this point Anderson should just let all his stuff from a storage locker get released to the public, and be photographed pretending his tampon is a blunt that he’s smoking. Ok, I know he doesn’t use tampons. But the brotha is gay, right? Doesn’t he date like feminine-looking hipster dudes from Brooklyn? If he isn’t and doesn’t he should, he’s sorta cutesy in a J. Crew give you a reach around running for class president kind of way.

By J. Harvey

  1. julz

    But it’s FOX…who cares what they say!

  2. mike

    FOX finally gets something right

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