Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out

July 3rd, 2010 // 47 Comments

Yesterday was a day filled with exercise for Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Ben Maisani. The twosome hit David Barton’s gym in New York City’s West Village, and then were spotted tootling around on their bicycles. Although, I’m not sure Ben should have been checking his cellphone while riding his bike.

I’m sure Anderson is appreciating the downtime away from work at CNN. Rumors are flying around that Cooper may be the next person to leave CNN for greener pastures and flock to a major network. I’m fine with that, as long as you continue to celebrate and broadcast every New Years Eve with Kathy Griffin.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Adam

    Wow, Anderson Cooper’s bf is one sexy stud!

  2. AJ

    Hot couple! I see them around the Village all the time, and they look even better in real life. Welcome to the gun show!

  3. Bond

    I wish people would stop trying to out him. If he wants come out then he will.

  4. jack

    Hottest celebrity gay couple!

  5. CaitlinCat

    I thought Americans were not supposed to talk about Anderson Cooper’s sexuality. It could put him in trouble overseas reporting. Not a cool title yo!

  6. Dan Miller

    Why should I be shocked? It was bad enough that he is a liberal. Now he’s liberal and gay. Maybe Anderson will get together with Barney Frank.

  7. awad

    I didnt know anderson was a fag. wow that explains a lot.

  8. drag

    @dan miller

    that liberal fag makes more money than you and your entire life and he probably pays more tax that you are. the question is; why does he have to pay more tax to support your system?

  9. Alex

    I can’t Believe he is GAY God ! Its very hard to believe on people – I mean I do not have any problem who is gay or who not , but look at these pictures

  10. Jeremiah Wright

    First off, damn, that’s a hell of a pair of guns that Anderson has.

    Second, he needs to come out because his role as a journalist should require him to inform viewers of any personal biases he may have. If you have watched him of late, he has spent a lot of time covering “gay” issues, and therefore his reporting is suspect.

  11. Amad

    Well that explains why he is classy and nice and neutral. He is not an angry straight undersexed guy, like Larry King for example. His reporting is neutral and classy and UNDERSTANDING, not a super annoying reporting like many others!

  12. YUK!

    I still after 37 years cannot fathom how a man can look at another man and want to touch his privates…sicko’s!!

  13. melanie

    if you really are 37 years old you need to fucking grow up, you loser.

  14. Meggie

    Melanie, great comment.. you rock! And to the 37 year old person who calls himself “Yuk” —> GROW UP.

    You’ve probably voted for plenty of Repubs who vote against Gay rights, but are closet cases themselves. Think Lyndsey Graham (R) of SC for example. I just don’t understand how some people are such hypocrites?

  15. Bryan

    Umm! Where have you people been?! He came out SEVERAL years ago, publicly and on National Television with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt by his side. I had to indescribably incredible opportunity of meeting Anderson at DNC in Charleston, SC in 2008. What an incredible person he is. ALSO, had him on multiple flights of mine, and serving as his Flight Attendant in business class traveling internationally. And as far as the “Liberal fag” comment, I don’t see the schlep and a piss poor excuse of a worthless bastard, Glenn Beck out on the hard lines reporting and covering controversial worldly orders. Until then…check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Jackass!

  16. lola924

    it doesn’t matter his sexual preference, who he loves does not define him. He is an incredible person and a great tv personality.

    By the way the “gun show” looks amazing!!!! HOT AND SEXY!!!

    • David

      FYI Iola, it’s sexual “orientation”, not “preference”. “Preference” implies choice…..and sexual orientation is not something you choose, whether it’s hetero or homo!

  17. Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, leave him alone. The man works like a maniac, endangers his life, & prefers to be discreet about his sexuality.

    Just leave him alone.

    • Matt

      I agree. His personal life is no one’s business but his. He does a wonderful job with the news which is why we all like him. I wish him happiness.

  18. Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out
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    Ah! No texting and driving!!

  19. GreatToday

    I didn’t know he’s gay. Anyways, support from us, audience, is what we should better do. Let’s rather be happy for what he is and what he has. The photos are fine as long as it is not for defamatory, malicious or scandalous purpose. I have always liked him and became my first ever favorite news anchor and idol since I first saw him on television. His manner of expressing his thoughts is far better and unique than any other new anchors I’ve seen so far. Let’s just celebrate his accomplishments and enjoy his undeniably incredible ability to cover and deliver news.

  20. Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Lovely. I hope to God they’ll last. Anything to make my Andy happy.

  21. michael

    Anderson is great and I don’t believe he is gay! He loves women not gays!!! Trust me!

  22. Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out
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    Anderson looks like a muscle queen.

  23. Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out
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    Wow. Anderson looks so paranoid in these shots.

  24. Bruce

    I thought NY had a cycling helmet law? It’s just stupid to cycle in Manahattan or anywhere for that matter w/o a helmet.

  25. Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Hello, I identified your blog page in the new directory of blogs. I will not know how your blog page arrived up, must have been a typo, Your blog looks excellent. Possess a wonderful day

  26. Edward J Burns

    I am a 45 year old gay man and proud. What goes on in someones bedroom should be of no one elses business. Those who have so many negative comments of gays are the first ones to put there legs in the air. Get over it and live your so called straight life, if that is what you feel you are. How is that working out for ya!!!! People with so many negative oppinions only shows how insecure you are. Don’t Hate. Everyone is different and that is what makes the world go round. Many of us Gay men make damn good money and pay our taxes. I should stop now, thank you. You go Anderson, Love ya.

    • JR

      You all that said, ” it’s his business” are right , so that means he needs to keep it between he and his gay lover cause i could care less. Needs to do his job and nothing more……………..

    • JR

      So keep it in the bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Photos obviiously taken by papparazzi. Who said Cooper was gay anyway? The jerks with the cameras? I think Anderson Cooper is one of the most unbiased journalists on tv. Get out of his face! I wonder what they’d be doing to Walter Cronkite if he was still around??

  28. Sheryl Jeffers

    Anderson is the best,no matter what he is its no one business.Please Dont hate
    and for the 14 year old who commited suicide,i believe all Bullies should be Thrown out of school on their asses,and not given a second chance,if they do get one it should be straight to prison.

  29. Maureen

    Love you, Anderson! I can’t believe some of the comments here. This is 2011. Do we REALLY care about sexual preferences? If you are over 18, go live your true life out there. What excellent taste you have in men, Anderson. I love your new show – keep up the excellent work.

  30. Pam

    Who cares ? It does not change who he is . It is his business . If you have a problem with it get a life !!!

  31. J

    What a nice looking couple.
    Best of luck guys…

  32. Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out
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  33. TLS

    Who cares, its his business

  34. Gadar

    Gay? You’re kidding ! ! Anderson is a Tea Bagger from way back. A girl like giggle and young boy’s body type, what else do you need. He hasn’t come out because it’s hard to explain your situation while Tea Bagging.

  35. Anderson Cooper And Boyfriend Ben Maisani Working It Out
    Commented on this photo:

    I actually found this more eniittaenrng than James Joyce.

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