Anderson Cooper Went Under The Knife

The CNN anchor recently spoke out on his blog about a recent surgical he underwent on his face. He wrote, “I had minor surgery on Monday. A small spot of skin cancer was removed from under my left eye. I hadn’t planned on mentioning this, but I still have stitches and you’ll no doubt notice them tonight.”

Ha! I made you think it was something else. But my enthusiasm over my misleading you quickly fades, as I realize that it would be appropriate at this juncture to wish Anderson good health. On a different note, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this expressive in any pictures…ever. The pictures are about a month old, by the way, from the Baily House 20th Annual Auction and Party.

And I thought I recognized that face in one of the pictures as none other than Barneys creative director, Simon Doonan, who first introduced me to the term “hooker style” on America’s Next Top Model. I want him to berate more wannabe models for dressing slutty. It’s fun to watch because it’s so silly–like punishing dogs for liking to smell their crotches. They can’t help themselves!

Photos: WENN