Anderson Cooper’s Stalker Unfit For Trial, Deemed Mentally Ill

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Anderson Cooper with boyfriend Ben Maisani.
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Alex Hausner, who was charged with stalking and harassing Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend Ben Maisani, has been found unfit to stand trial and is reportedly anxious to get help.This is not too surprising given Hausner’s behavior and demeanor throughout this whole ordeal.

Lori Hausner, 62, said her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 12 but is not violent and believes he was commissioned to protect the popular CNN anchor. The problems manifested into a fixation with Cooper, who Alex Hausner believes has talked to him through TV. 

The self proclaimed Jewish white supremacist Alex Hausner placed numerous phone calls to Anderson and visited Cooper’s West Village home, says it’s just a case of puppy love: “I have a crush on Anderson,” Hausner gushed to police when he was arrested in July. “He is not in any danger.” According to the long-haired lothario, who calls the charges “ nonsense,” Hausner and Cooper exchanged glances in Union Square back in 2007, and Cooper told him “you’re hot.”

However, things turned quite aggressive. According to police reports, Hausner once tried kicking in the door to Cooper’s converted firehouse, shouting “I swear to fucking God, don’t insult me—I’m going to fuck you up! ”And he doesn’t have much love for Cooper’s actual boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani: “I can prove from my sources that [Maisani] has sent people after me… He’s a thug and a mongrel.”

Glad to hear the Mr. Hausner is finally going to get the mental help that he needs. Hopefully Anderson and Ben have been able to move on from this unfortunate ordeal.