Anderson Cooper Vacations In Croatia With Kelly Ripa And Andy Cohen In Wake Of Ben Maisani Cheating Scandal [PHOTOS]

August 16th, 2012 // 8 Comments
Anderson And Kelly In Croatia
Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa in Croatia

It looks like Anderson Cooper‘s friends are rallying around him after photos surfaced of his boyfriend Ben Maisani kissing another man (see video below).

Kelly Ripa, her husband Mark Consuelos and Andy Cohen are vacationing together in Croatia. Anderson tweeted this pic of himself and Kelly hanging out.

On Tuesday, Cooper tweeted a photo of the ocean. Cohen posted the same shot. Moments later, Cooper tweeted a photo of Cohen, “Look who just took the same instagram pic as me @bravoandy.”

According to the Daily News, Cooper flew to Croatia with Maisani, but since the alleged evidence of Maisani’s indiscretion hit the Internet on Monday, the CNN anchor and talk show host has tweeted nothing but photos of sunsets, Ripa and Cohen. 

Glad to see that smile Anderson!

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By Michael Prieve

  1. Jon

    So Mark Consuelos is chopped liver? You don’t mention that he’s also on vacation with AC.

  2. Steve

    That Kelly w/o makeup? I feel worse for her than Anderson!

  3. Anderson should date someone like David Muir of ABC news. They would make a great couple. Anderson, you reading this? Call Muir when you get home and ask him out.

  4. BrokebackBob

    His boyfriend is a complete coward.
    Those two KNEW a camera would catch
    their canoodling and it would be seen by
    Anderson nearly immediately. If the worthless
    piece of s*** was a man he would have broken
    up with Anderson man-to-man. Anderson can
    do so,. so, so, much better than this sub-human

  5. Met

    Ben was actually with Anderson when he had dinner in DC with Bill Gates and Sharon Stone, there is a pic of Ben standing on the other side of the table from AC having a drink. Who knows what’s going to happen between them, but this has to be AC’s worst nightmare being as private as he is about his dating life.

  6. G Edward B

    Why is Towleroad reporting this story on a Thursday, when it was given to his site on Monday? I wouldn’t make that site my first stop for
    news. Anderson’s only been out since early July — marriage, and adoption plans — ruined by a kiss. This says a lot about gay marriage and relationships, but this was lost on Towle, probably protecting a friend. Nixon resigned in August 1974, if you really like old news.

  7. Ken

    I think Anderson needs the reality check. I’m not so fond of the snob. And don’t say that if the worthless blah blah, was a “man!” No gay male is a man, but they can obviously out bitch any woman. Creepy reality ahead if gay wants pass.

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