Would You Rather (On ‘Today’): Anderson Cooper Or Matt Lauer?

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So much morning show madness.  First off, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin are reportedly taping a CNN pilot (more on that in just a mo).

Second, rumor has it that Cooper may replace Matt Lauer at Today.  Noooooo!  Not because I don’t lava the Silver Fox, but because I lurve Lauer and I’m not good with change.

According to Deadline (via New York Magazine), NBC bosses called Cooper to replace Lauer, who got wind of this and called up the Silver Fox to communicate his disapproval.  This surprised Cooper, who assumed that Lauer was looped into the conversation.  Others reportedly up for the gig include David Gregory, Willie Geist and Ryan Seacrest.

Lauer has a $25 million contract with the network, and has worked at rehabbing his image despite reports that he was vocal about Ann Curry’s departure from Today

Does this mean more Griffin on Today?  Way, way too early for that kind of nonsense.

CNN’s head honcho Jeff Zucker wants to steer the tone of the network in a more entertainment-driven direction due to sad-sack ratings.  Deadline reports that it’s not clear whether Griffin and Cooper’s pilot is for CNN, but I can report that I won’t be watching it regardless of which network airs it.