Anderson Cooper Has Reservations About NYE Co-Host Kathy Griffin

Anderson's Alpaca
The talk show host made a new friend in NYC.
Cooper & Griffin
The two friends share a moment together.
Anderson Cooper stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman yesterday (December 22nd) to promote his CNN New Year’s Eve special with Kathy Griffin, and the 360 host is a bit anxious about it. 

“It’s very cold out there but I never sweat more than I do in that hour and a half, because you never know what she’s going to say,” he told Letterman. “I’m clinging on to whatever credibility I have left, so the last thing I need is Kathy Griffin.”

With so many New Year’s specials airing on the most overrated night of the year, each network only gets about three feet of space for shooting.  Univision, it seems, has the jazziest set up.  Cooper explained, “There’s like a large fat man and a little person and a big busty woman. It’s the weirdest thing.”

Yeah..people will probably tune into Univision on 12/31, now.