Anderson Cooper Gets Janet Jackson To (Kind Of) Confirm Her ‘The X-Factor’ Gig [VIDEO]

Janet Jackson
The singer looking slim.
Janet Jackson sat down with Anderson Cooper (in an episode airing Monday, February 21st), and lots was discussed.  From trips down memory lane to a possible news leak, Cooper was in heaven.

The talk show host put Jackson on the spot regarding whether or not she’ll be joining The X-Factor as a judge in the upcoming season.  What resulted was a reaction from Jackson that more or less confirmed that she’s on board (although if history proves anything, lots will change before the competition premieres).

“Oh my God,” Jackson giggled.  “No I’m not a judge on The X-Factor.”

“You’re not currently a judge on The X Factor,” Cooper asked.  “No, I am not,” Jackson answered, according to People.  “But that’s all I really think I should say.” 

“Intriguing, I will say,” Anderson said, pondering Jackson’s response. “Intriguing.” 

Anderson also told a cute story about an encounter with Michael Jackson back when The Wiz premiered.  Check out the video after the jump to hear it.