Anderson Cooper Erupts In An On-Air Fit Of Giggles Over Dyngus Day [VIDEO]

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One day after Buffalo celebrated Dyngus Day 2012 in the traditional fashion — with waving pussy willows, flowing beer and copious kielbasa — CNN’s Anderson Cooper took aim at the festival, calling it “so stupid.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper spent several minutes on his “Anderson 360″ show Tuesday describing the Dyngus Day festival in three cities, but focusing most specifically on Buffalo.

“It’s so stupid, really so stupid,” said Cooper before he erupted into 70 seconds of uninterrupted on-air laugher. Cooper seemed baffled about the Dyngus Day tradition of squirting water and using pussy willows in a flirtatious manner as a sign of affection.”

“It sounds like a bunch of waterlogged drunk people hitting each other with sticks,” continued Anderson. “There ain’t no party like a Dyngus Day party cuz’ a Dyngus Day party is the most random excuse to drink there is. And to the good citizens of Buffalo ringing out their clothes, tending to their beer and kielbasa hangovers and pussy willow welts today, happy belated Dyngus Day.”

Watch Anderson’s giggle fit…