Anderson Cooper Emerges With His Boyfriend As New York Starts To Recover From Hurricane Sandy [PHOTOS]

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They say that places never look more beautiful than the day after a big storm. Well, if that’s the case, then New York should look like freakin’ Narnia today. The city awaited the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, one of the nation’s most powerful and devastating storms to date, last night. The storm swept through many of the New England states last night, and caused destruction, as expected, to everything it touched.

The inhabitants of the effected states have been preparing for the worst, and seem to be surviving as best they can given the circumstances. Countless news networks are reporting on the storm, to keep everyone as updated as possible. One of whom being “old reliable” himself, Anderson Cooper. Leave it to Cooper to be the first one out in the trenches (literally) reporting as earnestly and as best he can for every freak weather anomaly, and Hurricane Sandy was no different.

The news anchor, who reported live from precarious locations throughout New York until late hours of the night has been one of the most informative voices from the East Coast. Finally, the crew packed up and (I assume) drove away for cover as fast as they could. The worst of the storm hit most of New York last night, leaving many without power among the rising waters and high winds. As morning broke, the weather seems to have cleared up, a people started to face the outside world again, and assess the damage.

It’s only a matter of time before Cooper and the rest of the news networks will start scrambling to continue their reports on the storm aftermath, so Cooper spent what little free time he had with his partner, Ben Maisani. The couple was spotted this morning walking through the streets of Manhatten, dressed in casual sweatshirts. It’s always rare to get a glimpse of Cooper with his man, considering how private he is about his relationships. So rare, that we could only manage to find 2 pictures of them!

Maisani probably spent the morning comforting Cooper over the recent announcement of his talk show, Anderson Live, getting cancelled after 2 seasons. With this news, I imagine that Cooper will want to maintain his spot as one of the country’s most prominent news anchors, and therefore will probably be documenting this storm non-stop in the next few days. Gotta keep that day job going, Cooper! Not too shabby, having such a horrific event be offset by a face like Anderson Cooper’s.

Check out the gallery to see Anderson Cooper and his Beau out in New York, surveying the damage of the storm with the rest of us.