Anderson Cooper Brings An Alpaca To ‘Letterman’ [PHOTOS]

OhstopitAndersonCooper.  Why do you have an alpaca before appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman?  Is helping you promote your new daytime talk show that this girl isn’t the biggest fan of?  Fine.  You win.  I’ll continue to watch, so long as you bring that alpaca to more events.  Maybe even dress it up in black tie and bring him to a political event.

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What made this scene out the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York even better?  Nick Offerman with a garment bag.  Ron Swanson from the Pawnee Parks Department, as I live and breathe.  Alpacas and Ron Swanson! Great Wednesday!

You have such flawless skin, man.  How is it that you don’t eat spinach?  It just doesn’t make sense.