Anderson Cooper and 12 Other Celebrities Who Are Out And Proud [PHOTOS]

Anderson Cooper
The TV personality out and proud as of July 2, 2012.
Carrie Underwood
The singer supports gay marriage and is ridiculed heavily.
It seems as if Anderson Cooper is just one of few who has recently opened up about their sexuality. Hollywood is becoming more and more accepting, but we still have to wonder why everyone cares so much about a star’s sexual orientation?

The answer is simple. We watch these people on TV and the big screen. We listen to their music and attend their broadway shows. We also happen to be very interested in their personal lives for our own added entertainment. While some stars prefer to keep their private lives private (understandably so) the trend right now is to come out and speak openly about your sexuality, something I think stars and everyone else is welcoming with open arms.

Whatever stars’ sexuality, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or questioning, we are here to accept them! They put out great content for us to enjoy so the least we can do for them is not ridicule their private lives. Who’s with me?




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