And We Like To Front Like We’re The Only Game In Town

The mysterious and elusive behind-the-scensters over at SocialiteRank were kind enough to grant The New York Observer a coveted interview. They chatted it up, revealing only as much as they needed to in order to keep the interviewer interested. What charming little minxes. Here’s an excerpt from said interview.

What are the most important criteria for a successful socialite?

Knowing your value, knowing how to pose, having a great hair person, having a sense of self-respect and one must understand how ultimately insignificant this whole scene is. It’s great to be famous but legacy and happiness are not measured by Style. Com pictures. All the girls that we feature on our list are actually really great New Yorkers who are fun to talk to and have distinctive personalities. They all have goals and we honor that. Public doesn’t realize that most of these individuals have grueling sixteen hour days filled with jobs, event obligations and family life.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The Socialite Rankers Speak [The Daily Transom | The New York Observer]

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