And Then Her “Universe’s Best Mommy” Mug Will Actually Be True

April 25th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Us Weekly reports that Katie Holmes was recently taken aback when her hubby, Tom Cruise, informed her that she needs to start going to parenting classes, given by Scientologist instructors. And, unsurprisingly, she didn’t take too kindly to the idea.

“Katie was quite offended by that,” the source tells Us. “Can you imagine when you’re 28 and have your first child to be told you need to go to this church to become a better mom?”

Reportedly, the mother and actress already has a Scientology “minder,” who is employed for the sole purpose of ensuring “that nothing is said or done that would be critical of the church.” Hmm, I guess that means a South Park guest spot might be a tad out of the question. And actually, the article goes on to say that pretty much every member of Tom and Katie’s staff is a Scientologist.

Says the source, “Everyone who works with Tom is technically minding Katie.”

Girl, as much as we’d like to help you, we told you to run a long time ago. I suspect this might turn into a “Not Without My Daughter”-type situation. Where’s Sally Field when you need her? Oh, that’s right…she’s got a show to do. Sorry, Katie. Maybe she can help a sistah out during summer reruns.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. andsoitis

    Maybe it’s not that bad of an idea for her to go to parenting classes…I mean, they don’t have to be from the Church of Scientology but, I mean, she has never been a parent before so how is she supposed to know what she should be doing? Just being 28 years old doesn’t automatically make it so you know how to be a good parent

  2. US Weekly has printed nothing but nasty trash about this couple from day one.

    And it’s always a “close friend” who spreads the most hateful gossip about a celebrity. With “close friends” like these, who needs enemas?

  3. me

    what the hell??? tom is a brainwashed nut job!

  4. chris

    “rosmary’s baby” anyone??? remember who that baby turned out to be!!!

  5. Loob

    “I suspect this might turn into a “Not Without My Daughter”-type situation.”

    Ohmigod yes! Damn. She should start shopping for mercenaries. Heh, now I have a visual of Navy Seal type antics with dudes in wetsuits scaling the outer walls of a castle to retrieve the baby.

  6. Sue

    I’ve often wondered that myself; who are these close friends who are always talking to the media. I was thinking the same…with friends like that, who needs enemies…or “enemas” that works too!

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