And Osama Will Always Love You…

Osama bin Laden’s obsession with the destruction of America, was apparently rivaled only by his desire to make Whitney Houston one of his many wives. It was this desire that drove bin Laden to considering taking out her hubby, Bobby Brown and quite honestly, maybe Whitney wouldn’t have been that much worse off.

The New York Post has the juicy details:

Kola Boof, 37, the Sudanese poet and novelist who claims to have once been bin Laden’s sex slave, writes in her autobiography, “Diary of a Lost Girl,” which is excerpted in the September Harper’s: “He told me Whitney Houston was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.” Boof – who wrote for the soap opera “The Days of Our Lives” until she was axed last month – continues, “He said that he had a paramount desire for [Houston] and although he claimed music was evil, he spoke of someday spending vast amounts of money to go to America and try to arrange a meeting.” Boof says bin Laden couldn’t stop talking about his favorite singer and had lofty plans for her. “He said he wanted to give [her] a mansion that he owned in a suburb of Khartoum. He explained to me that to possess Whitney, he would be willing to break his color rule and make her one of his wives.” But bin Laden’s murderous side also emerged in his fantasies about the pop superstar.

“[He would say] how beautiful she is,” Boof claims, “what a nice smile she has, how truly Islamic she is but is just brainwashed by American culture and by her husband – Bobby Brown, whom Osama talked about having killed, as if it were normal to have womens’ husbands killed. “In his briefcase, I would come across photographs of the Star [magazine], as well as copies of Playboy. It would soon come to the point where I was sick of hearing Whitney Houston’s name,” Boof writes.

Holy crazy shit! That sounds like something I’ve seen in an episode of Family Guy. I wonder if Osama ever forced his wives to wear some crazy wigs akimbo, whilst dripping in fake sweat in order to fantasize that he was making love to his popstar dreamgirl.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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