And Just When I Thought I Couldn’t Get Any Worse

June 23rd, 2006 // 17 Comments

Oh Sienna? WTF? Ah Sienna, are you off to the beach?

The halterneck/swimsuit/miniskirt combo is not working for us.

More photos of Sienna Miller in her bathing suit, after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Helen Sparkles

    Could that be someone trying to draw attention to themselves, just when we thought you were sooo tired of fighting off all those nasty paps Sienna.

  2. Randi

    I’d like to know what she’s thinking when she puts together these outfits — is it “What the f*ck, all my clothes are dirty, let’s wear the bathing suit” or does she actually spend time trying to look like this?

  3. JustMe

    I know what she’s thinking.. she’s thinking of that one time that she actualy wore an outfit that everyone was copying.. and now she’s out of ideas so is trying to be creative.. it just ain’t working!

  4. Well, shit, and there’s Jude in his slippers??! What a fashion-lazy couple…

  5. Small Fry

    I saw an interview with her recently where she said she’s never been good at art, so she makes her art through her fashion choices. If that’s the case then I’d compare her “art” with those shitty light-up beach seascapes they sell in front of the Mobil gas station.

  6. georgina

    why did they let her in dressed like that? Cheap and vulgar. its depressing that she might as well be naked and they would have still let her in because of all the money shes got.

  7. For some reason I like it. I use to ware something like that years ago. Very comfortable.
    Donna A.

  8. tinabean

    Oh my gosh so bitchy at the top! I wish I had thefigure to carry off walking around like that in this weather. Problem is, it would be obscene.

    I think she looks good, jude looks like “some joe” and always will. But I agree about the money thing, if you’ve got it you can do what the f*ck you like :(

  9. KPod

    At least she’s got the skinny belt to keep the whole thing together…

  10. beano

    When I saw this, one word popped into my head: yeastinfection. And the ladies in the audience will know I tell the truth.

  11. beano

    When I saw this, one word popped into my head: yeastinfection. And the ladies in the audience will know I tell the truth.


    people get addicted to sex

  13. Buffalo Fries

    Small Fry is hot! Hilarious too

  14. ShoeSlut

    Check out the state of her mangled Balenciaga in the 2nd pic — come on! Buy a fake, use a beachbag but for God’s sake, don’t walk around with your $1200 handbag tied together with knots!

  15. Small Fry

    Thanks Buffalo Fries! You’re pretty hot yourself. wink wink

  16. michelle

    she has here right nipple pierced and needs to put an actual shirt on.

  17. Elsa

    hahaha ShoeSlut- I also noticed that her bag was looking pretty abused.

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