An Unusual Paul Walker Promotion

February 13th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Paul Walker is doing some promoting of his latest box office dud-to-be, Running Scared. I’m assuming that he’s not going to be going down on a woman live during his promotional appearances, as he virtually does in a promotional game for the film.

That’s right, for their online game… You get to play PAUL WALKER going down on his wife… and the object is to eat her to orgasm! Make her arch her back and beg you to stop. WHAT THE FUCK? I’m serious. They really made a game over there that requires you to hit your arrow keys to emulate eating pussy. This is obviously what the internet was meant for. Right?

Now, I have to say… Paul Walker’s wife is the easiest woman in the world to get off… because for one… there’s a fucking yellow arrow guide to how to get her off… But what the hell… right? That’s for the real world, not this cyber stuff.

You may want to beware of playing the game, because Boing Boing reports that New Line’s age verification system resides on a server operated by YesMail, a known spammer. So while Paul Walker’s virtual wife may be enjoying the fun, you’ll be left frustrated by an email inbox full of junk.

More images of Paul Walker not going down on his virtual wife after the jump.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. saying it

    That man is BEYOND gorgeous! Just Beautiful!

  2. Paul Lover

    GOD DAMN is so fucking FINE!!! I wish I could just give him head instead of that stupid game…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now that would be the shit!

  3. Chinifer Maniston

    Phuck Vince! This is the next Brad! I’m going to put on my chin guard and lucky jeans….He’s mine!

  4. fifie

    One of the most gorgeous BAD actor.

  5. When is Pamela Anderson going to branch out into this line of promo video? All she’d need are tiny, tiny yellow arrows…

  6. honeypeach

    Paul can eat me out anytime!!! GOD DAMN!!!! That amna is breathtakingly gorgeous! He’s sooo fucking beautiful. HIs girlfriend is a very lucky woman ;)

  7. Paul, i want you to go down on me to, baby!!! anytime. You’re HOT!!!!

  8. doofus

    gotta agree with you fifie…the man is smoking hot but is a terrible actor.

    he’s the male Jessica Alba.

  9. honeypeach

    Yeah, yeah.. we all know he can’t act for shit, but he’s soooo aesthically pleasing to look at! Paul, baby, all you have to do is stand there and look pretty. Oh yeah, and him being totally nekked would be a plus too ;)

  10. B!tch from hell

    F*CK you guys are so slutty.
    Grow up.

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