An Undesirable Movie Producer

Only must mean that it’s time for a few blind items.

Which wannabe movie producer married to a well-born actress is becoming an undesirable dinner guest at society dinner parties? He’s abrupt with the older ladies and his hands wander under the tablecloth with the younger ones. (Source)

This bigtime hip hop mogul’s elegant and beautifully dressed wife was recently shopping at an upscale LA boutique. The exotic beauty made a number of tasteful purchases before she spotted HER HUSBAND’S MISTRESS across the store. The wife went berserk and she instantly became a ghetto-mouth screeching “You bitch – you’re just after his money!” ” I don’t NEED his money – I drive a Range Rover!” squawked the mistress. “Oh yeah” yapped the wife, swiveling her head “Well, I have a Mercedes and a $185000 watch on, bitch! I guess he wants OLD p—- now!” The mistress spat “I can see why he’s leaving YOUR skanky ass!” Before she stormed out, the wife yelled “If I wasn’t in this store I’d KICK your ass right now!” And we believe her. (Source)

Which blockbusting director with a thing for much much younger boys once dated a 17-year-old who was still living at home? The romance ended when the boy’s mother banned her son from seeing him! (Source)

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