An Outfit Alicia Keys Should Not Be Wearing

March 14th, 2005 // 11 Comments

She should have considered wearing Martha Stewart’s ponhco over this. Simply dreadful.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ap

    what???? oh no she didn’t.

  2. Laura

    Who decided she was attractive in the first place? Everytime I hear her name, all I can think about is her eye makeup at her first Grammy awards – you know, the diamond like eyeliner? Freaky.

  3. NYCgirl

    She either needs to fire her stylist or get one!
    That out is just WRONG!

  4. NYCgirl

    She either needs to fire her stylist or get one!
    That outfit is just WRONG!

  5. jojo

    Now Ladies…be nice. Yes, the outfit most definitely is ‘questionable’??? But Alicia is NOT hideous, a little thick maybe, but she’s got more talent in her left tonsil alone than most ‘stars’ out there and THAT makes her attractive.

  6. Holy crap! What the hell was she thinking!? I love Alicia, but baby girl, this outfit needs to be burned.

  7. ali

    I like her but she has made some horrible choices in her wardrobe.

  8. Rod

    Definitely goes in Glamour’s “What Not To Wear” section. As Nana used to say, “Just because it’s your size doesn’t mean it should be in your closet!”

  9. Tomek

    Alicia looks terrible, and I agree Bjork looks much nicer . . . . not to mention that picture of Bjork is like 9 years old.

  10. Chantel

    It’s different…something I wouldn’t wear. I am a big fan of hers but I’m not gonna judge her because of what she is wearing. Trust me…there have been other artists/celebrities that have worn something worse. She’s got style and talent…that’s all that matters.

  11. Amber

    she has evry rit to wear tht u all r just haters.

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