An Out Of It Actress And Jumped-Up Star

Yes it’s the blind leading the blind.

Which young TV actress arrived so out of it for her shopping magazine cover shoot that she lost the spot to a rival from another show? (via Gatecrasher)

“Which jumped-up star refused to take the dressing room he was given at the Europe Music Awards? The loner insisted on the most isolated dressing room for the event, so that other acts wouldn’t trip him up and try to share in his bountiful rider…” (via 3am girls)

Which splintered celebrity duo’s friendship ended when one of them told the other’s parents that her friend had a serious drug problem and needed help? When the concerned parents asked their daughter if it was true, she lied and claimed that her well-meaning best buddy was the one who was abusing drugs. The folks then ordered their darling daughter never to hang out with the friend again. The friend, infuriated by the betrayal, continues to seethe about it to this day . . . (via Page Six)

Which drunk and mouthy junior action star scuffled with police on the W. 27th St. club corridor last weekend and is very lucky he wasn’t arrested? (via Gatecrasher)

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