An Obstructed Married Demi Moore?

May 31st, 2005 // 11 Comments

What’s Demi Moore hiding behind that purse? Is she pregnant? Did she get married over the weekend to boy toy Ashton Kutcher? Was it a shotgun marriage?

Ashton and Demi Marry [The Suck My Blog]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Marina

    Maybe she is just very attached to her purse???

  2. goldfly

    worst. pants. ever.

  3. ms pink

    Is it just me or does she have a raging case of the cankles?

  4. Ella

    CANKLES!! That was the first thing that I thought too!

  5. samsang

    bitch is wearing a trucker’s hat for chrissakes.

  6. Zabbadoo

    Yeah. She’s got a Kelso in her. Hehe. Yeah, these two seem attractive. But just wait until their hideous freak child is born with both webbed toes AND a crooked eye!!! (see ashton has webbed toes and demi had a wonky eye until she had surgery to correct it) oh, and non-huge boobs! The child will grow up with the genes for non-huge boobs!!! Ok, I I got nothing. Congratulations you two crazy kids. Try not to guarantee multiple schoolyard beatings on this one by naming it “Abaddon” or “Cherokee” or “Whistlesnapfinder”. Actually that last one is pretty kickass, you can use that. Whistlesnapfinder Kutcher-Moore. It can host Son of Punk’d on MTV 8 (the Ocho) and punk Trixie Federline and Half-human / half Hotpant mutant love child Velour Aguleira (seriously that’s how far they get up in there when she’s dancing) by scaring the crap out of them by showing them the freaky ass webbed toes.

  7. typerT

    40+ and Still the Trucker Hat…really?

  8. sick

    to zabadoo> u might not like them, or u might not like them being together, but you dont need to curse someone’s unborn baby.

  9. someone

    This woman is old and nasty looking.

  10. lauren

    to goldfly/ I agree

  11. General America

    She is 40+ and still hot, and maybe she is clutching her purse because she has money in it you idiots.

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