An i-Mess: What The Hell Is Katie Price Wearing?

She’s up there with Pamela Anderson or Anna Nicole Smith, but Katie Price has gone into a stratosphere of her own.

In order to launch her own line of iPods, Price dressed the part as a cybertronic whore, complete with Nanos as earrings. While no one could miss her in her skin-tight silver cat suit, it certainly wasn’t flattering. Of course her tits were pretty much out all the time.

However, she does have a good sense of humor.

“We put the Nanos on my ears as earrings, and someone said, “Is it over the top?” ‘And I was like, “Have you seen the rest of me?!” I bet you were like, “what on earth is she wearing?” It’s my maddest outfit yet!’

She’s designed her own ’boutique’ range of the digital music players featuring her trademark butterflies, stars and hearts based of her own tattoos.

Is she gonna put her own music on those iPods?

I never wanted to have a music career, I do it purely for fun. I will do something else, and how do you know I haven’t got something out in the club market on a white label? ‘Cos I think people would be shocked!”

And what’s next for the former model? She has a forthcoming reality TV show but also has something else up her sleeve. Time will tell how tragic that will end up being.