An Emaciated Actress And A Martha Stewart Wannabe

Let’s get those brains working. The first one is pretty easy.

Which emaciated actress was grinding her teeth so hard while presenting at the National Board of Review Awards that the crowd was making bets how much booger sugar she had loaded up on before the ceremony? (Source: Gatecrasher)

Which would-be Martha Stewart, who tried to steal the domestic diva’s crown while she was in the clink, has hit hard times? She’s not paying her bills and is laying off staff. (Source: Gatecrasher)

And from Page Six:

Which pop-singing sensation likes to troll the Internet for gay quickies? After one unsafe session, his homo hook-up contacted a tabloid to sell his sordid story and offered a DNA-encrusted washcloth as proof. If the truth comes out, the singing idol’s fans, mostly middle-aged housewives, will be very upset . . .

Which Oscar-winning actor is repeatedly unfaithful? He sleeps around so much, it’s taking a toll on his long-suffering wife, a former beauty now looking stressed-out . . .