An Aging Supermodel Having An Affair

August 9th, 2007 // 24 Comments

Which aging supermodel is ensuring her picture still gets taken, despite her bad behavior and spiraling demand, by having an affair with the head of a major photo agency? The sex is so strong, friends say, the agency owner is thinking of leaving his loyal wife of several decades. (Page Six)

Which very eligible divorced man has his friends in a quandary now that he’s engaged to get married again? The friends are afraid to tell him his fiancée is a gold digger who’s still seeing her broke boyfriend on the side while waiting for her wedding day. (Page Six)

By Kimberly London

  1. Mugatu

    1. Janice Dickinson? Or Cokate Moss maybe?

    2. Didn’t Charlie Sheen just get engaged?

  2. 1. Probably Kate Moss

    2. I have no idea, but it sounds like the plot to Casino.

  3. I know it’s not right, but i want to say 2 is George Clooney…


  4. Karla Ross

    1. Could be Janice Dickinson, Kate Moss OR Naomi Campbell

    2. no clue

  5. Lisa

    1. Janice Dickinson

    2. Howard Stern?

  6. Procrastinatah

    1. could be Giselle…she’s getting older and was recently dropped by Victoria’s Secret. She’s been sensitive about aging lately and as a rule that she doesn’t work with younger models…
    2. Could be a lot of people but Charlie Sheen came to mind first.

  7. Charity

    I can’t believe no one said Nick Lachey for the second one….

  8. kiki

    1. janice dickenson

    2. eddie murphy

  9. Clementines

    Claudia Schiffer or Christie Brinkley
    K-Fed.. har har

  10. lISA

    I say Eddie Murphy for the second question

  11. MamaC

    First one – Naomi Campbell, with certainty

    Second one – Eddie Murphy, again with certainty

  12. Vanessa

    1. Janice Dickerson
    I have always seen her photos and Noami Still models plus Noami only dates billionares.

    2. I want to say eddie murphy but doesn’t tracy edmonds make a lot of money as a producer and wasn’t she married to Baby Face. I am sure she must have gotten a lot of money from the divorce proceedings.

  13. tzs

    1. Janice Dickinson
    2. Joe Pesci

  14. T

    1. Janice Dickenson
    2. Bruce Willis

  15. Chaz

    I’m pretty sure the first answer is not Janice Dickinson, as the blind item appears to be about someone who is still primarily known as a model and not a “celebrity”. It might be easier to approach it from the other direction: how many people fit the description of “head of a major photo agency” with a “loyal wife of several decades”? Figure out who he is, and it might lead to the right answer.

    I’m going to guess Naomi Campbell–aging by model standards, and certainly known for bad behavior.

    I’m not thinking Eddie Murphy for #2; Tracey Edmonds isn’t hurting for money. Charlie Sheen seems to fit better, because Lord knows his judgment in that area has never been all that good.

  16. kl

    charlie sheen is not ‘very eligible’! Who wants to marry an alcoholic who has a crazy exwife + two kids.

  17. kl

    Janice diks is not a supermodel. She is a selfproclaimed supermodel. Meaning that she gave herself that title. Nobody else did. That is like calling yourself the queen when you are not. Did anyone ever hear about this woman before Tyra hired her sorry ass?!

  18. nastybugger

    actually, kl, people over the age of 35-40 had heard of her before Tyra hired her.

    she may not have been the first supermodel, but she WAS certainly a supermodel, appearing on the covers of several fashion magazines. in fact, she appeared on the cover of Vogue over 30 times.

    why do you think Tyra DID hire her?

    I don’t mean anything bad by this, but you must be too young to remember her glory days.

  19. Cheesy

    1. Kate Moss
    2. DEFINITELY Charlie Sheen.

  20. sara

    1. Cindy Crawford-

    2. ?

  21. ASHLEE

    Charlie Sheen is for sure #2. He has the most recent high profile divorce and recent engagement. And that new fiancee looks like a gold digger. Where did she come from anyways?

  22. JaneSays

    The first one is my girl Naomi. Bad behaviour leads to spiraling demand. Who wants to work with a total bitch who may, without prior notice or warning, will bash your head in with a crystal-encrusted phone? But I also hear she (pussy) whips her men like Michael Vick does his dogs so it wouldn’t surprise me if some dude left his wife for her, or rather, the sex.

    Number two could be any fool but you’d think Charlie would be able to spot a gold-digger a mile away but whatevs…

  23. 1. I’m going with Janice… she’s being doing photography herself lately… so that would make sense that they would have similar interests.

    2. I wasn’t aware Nick Lachey was engaged to Van Min??? Thought that was just speculation.
    This one could be just about anyone. Is Billy Joel remarried? Maybe him… or Bruce Willis… he’s dating someone really young, right?

  24. oldyak

    1. Naomi Cambell – aging, bad behaviour, definately.
    2. Charlie Sheen – his fiancee does seem like a gold digger

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